Coloured PVCu Windows – They Don’t Just Have To Be White!

Choose Any Colour You Want…

With many companies, coloured PVCu windows with foils and finishes are now a standard offering to end users who are looking beyond the classic white of PVCu. An increasing range of options are now available, combining colour and texture for the ultimate in personalisation and style. However many finishes have not been up to the standard we were hoping to achieve. Well PlatinumNRG have now found a perfect solution:

PlatinumNRG have adopted a brand new precision colour coating process that offers a complete spectrum of durable, consistent colours and metallic finishes for their full PVCu windows and doors product range.

ral-coloursHomeowners can now specify any colour they choose, by a RAL number or pantone or an exact match to their own sample, perhaps to a piece of metal, ceramic, leather or fabric. Colour choices are infinite, unrestricted by stock ranges, whilst the system coats plain PVCu and foiled textures alike, to offer further tailored options for the ultimate bespoke PVCu windows.

The colour coating, with a hard topcoat applied as standard, is consistent in coverage and thickness, molecularly bonding to the substrate for the ultimate in protection, durability and longevity. The resultant finish shows its true colour in all lights, with a rich, smooth look and the feel of real quality.

The technical Info: This coating technology is delivered by a unique, laser-aligned machine. A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) drives servo controllers that synchronise the accurate positioning and movement of the item being coated and six independent coating heads, all at a constant 70mm from the surface. They deliver the single coat in one pass, with minimum variability (to an accuracy of +/- 0.1%), achieving the ultimate in machine consistency, replicability and quality of the finish.

cotswold-finishThe results are spectacular: One of our first installations was for a house full of windows in Oxfordshire. The homeowner wanted to match the paint finish of their existing timber windows – Cotswold Green, so standard coloured foil finishes were not an option on this particular contract.

The coloured PVCu windows have the great look and feel of high quality painted joinery; achieved quickly and affordably, much to the delight of the homeowner. ¬†For PlatinumNRG and its’ installation partners, this coating solution delivers simplicity and bespoke choice, to replace complexity and limited options as a consequence…

…the future is looking very colourful.