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  • Triple and Double Glazed Windows


Something about the products…

PlatinumNRG is regarded as one of the best performing products on the market today, taking full advantage of the increased thermal efficiency offered by its six chamber sash and outer frame, providing the most energy efficient windows available.

  • Profile extendMade from 100% lead-free PVCu, PlatinumNRG incorporates advanced engineering and quality manufacturing,  providing the  highest security option available.
  • Utilising the highest technology with its multi–chamber design, an extensive range of high gloss finishes and a unique SlimSASH profile, PlatinumNRG is the complete PVCu package for your home.

Advanced thermal properties mean all standard windows can achieve an ‘A’ Rating by the BFRC WER Rating system, and the new A+ certificate through the use of the highest energy efficient glass and additional PVCu frame elements. These ratings are achieved without the use of expensive thermal inserts.

Built to Last : British : Innovative : Secure : Thermally Efficient