Security Tips when Ordering New Windows and Doors

If you are considering replacing your windows or doors, you should take a close look at what security specification you select before placing your order. We are offering to help make this decision easier by giving you some security hints and tips before making this huge outlay.

Security for PVCu windows and doorsSince 1989 most major new and refurbished home projects adopt the Secured by Design specification (SBD) the official Police Security Initiative. This scheme combines the principle of designing out crime, with effective security standards, which introduce well designed site layouts, barriers and lighting to ensure that it is difficult to not be seen when attempting unauthorised access into a property, but also ensuring that the windows and doors incorporate proven security standards.

This is good news if you are moving in to a new property. However recent research reveals that criminals are becoming wise to the fact that new properties have enhanced security on windows and doors and are now starting to target older properties to burgle. Perhaps your home? So when you replace your existing products it is essential to ensure you select the enhanced security options that form SBD.

Secured by DesignAt PlatinumNRG for PVCu windows this means PAS24:2012 formerly BS7950 specification. These incorporate shootbolt locking, hinge bolts and PVCu screw retainers.

For PVCu doors PAS24:2012, this means a PVCu threshold; mid rail; any panel infill is reinforced with aluminium; Anti bump lock cylinder and a high security handle set.

For composite doors, we are also able to offer a SBD product. In addition to this, where legislation for safety reasons demands toughened glass and ground floor or vulnerable windows, this should be upgraded to laminated glass.

Statistics demonstrate that it is doors and windows on the ground floor and those adjacent to flat roofs at the rear of a property, that are at highest risk from an attempted break in and November and December are the highest risk months.

There is of course a modest cost increase to achieve this specification. However, it is cheaper to enhance the security of your replacement windows and doors when they are being manufactured rather than to try and do it retrospectively, or even after an attempted or actual break in. Insurers should also recognise these enhanced security products and reflect this in your home insurance premium.  Also last but not least, you have the comfort of peace of mind.

Please take a look through our security tips when it comes to choosing the right security-hints-and-tips.

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