New Colours for Composite Doors

At PlatinumNRG we are always looking to innovate. We constantly strive to create products that are unique and make a style statement in your home. As well as having top security and stability, we also take great care with the look of our products, giving our customers many different choices for what they are looking for.

This is why we have created many New Composite Door Bespoke Colours – new colours that will excite you and give you some real scope to be bold, adventurous and creative!

If you would still like to choose a classic colour, that is no problem as we can give you this with Charcoal, Platinum, Claret or Chartwell, as well as many other choices of colour.

However you could choose Buttercup, our stunning sunny yellow, or maybe our serene and stylish Coastal Blue. Passion Flower could be a real contender, as many love purple and would welcome the chance to incorporate this into their home. Or perhaps the vibrant Sky Blue would brighten and liven up the front of your home.

Take a look at our new Composite Door Designer. Here you will be able to design your new composite door, choosing the type of door, frame, the style of glass, the colour and also the door furniture.  You will then be able add a photograph of your own home to the design so you can really see what the door your choose will look like in situe. We are constantly looking for innovative new ideas to offer our customers and this is just one of them.

Take a look at our full range of  New Composite Door Bespoke Colours. Be bold, make choices and then give us a call on 0800 6523151 to make your enquiry.