Launching the all new Revival System

Revival system logo4At PlatinumNRG we are renowned for our unique product innovations. Following the successful launch of our timber effect PVCu windows, FlushSASH and our slim profile PVCu Windows, SlimSASH windows, we are announcing the latest addition to our extensive product range – The All New Revival System.

The idea is simple; the great looks and detailing of a traditional timber window, delivered with all the benefits of modern, secure, low maintenance and energy efficient material.

Revival System on CillThis new product is aimed at homeowners with old, rotting original timber windows and doors and who want to buy stylish yet affordable, modern replacements and for people who have had to put up with unsympathetic, replacement windows for years. They can now fit stylish, traditional, more appropriate designs that will really improve their home. It’s a massive opportunity to revive the look of their property, replicating yesterday’s style today.

Revival System combines a new frame, sashes and cill that offers style configurations to suit every home. The 85mm, deep yet slender profile frame and based upon a unique, 7 chamber PVCu design for optimum strength and thermal performance with a classic, deep sculptured edge detail and mechanically jointed transoms & mullions that replicate the look of traditional mortise and tenon joints.

4 distinctive sash styles are offered, with profiles and designs to add individuality to each installation and complement the frame. Regular chamfered or sculptured openers are available or our unique 6 chamber SlimSASH profile with a larger glass area allowing more light through. But the main sash innovation is our 4 chamber, FlushSASH profile, this is based on the successful FlushSASH windows that PlatinumNRG launched 2 years ago.

teardrophandleimageHowever this latest variant has the option of an exclusive new deep bottom rail with mechanical joints, to really replicate that traditional timber window detail. Conventional timber hardware, such as a working stay and peg, can be added to enhance the look and feel of the windows, especially when viewed from within the room.

Finally a new cill design matches the section of old style timber cills, including an authentic throat drip detail that can only be used with the Revival System and makes a great finishing touch.