Designing Your Own PVCu Bi-Fold Doors

Designing your own PVCu bi-fold doors couldn’t be easier now. PlatinumNRG have decided to make it even easier to take a look at your options when looking at updating your home. Along with the online composite door and window designer, we have now published an online bi-folding door designer. This can give you a really accurate picture of what bi-fold doors will look like when installed in your own home!

Bi-Fold Door Configurator

Bi-Fold-Doors-1010So, what you need to do first is take a clear photograph of the part of your house that you are thinking of installing bi-fold doors. Either a close up or the whole of the back of your house to give a great overall view.

Next you can choose how many panels or leaves you would like for your bi-fold doors and then which way they will open. Although many people choose clear glass in their doors, we have given you the option of different glazing – you can add this to your online design as well.

Next, you can look at the colour of finish you would like for your bi-fold doors, whether it is plain white, or one of the colours or wooden finishes we offer at PlatinumNRG. The external finish can also be different to the inside colour. There is an option to pick a low threshold here as well as whether you have a sill or not.

Handles always finish a set of doors completely and we have many choices. You can select your favourites in the next option.

Then, once you have uploaded your image to your PC or tablet, you can then set it as the background for your designer and drag and drop the image of your completed bi-fold doors. Then you will be able to see exactly the look you have chosen for your home.

This makes a great first start if you are contemplating knocking walls down and having bi-fold doors installed. It can be a difficult decision to make and our option for designing your own PVCu bi-fold doors can make your decision a little bit easier.

Then the next steps are to us a call on 0800 6523151 to make your enquiry, or fill in your contact details and a qualified representative will get back to you to chat through your options and put you in touch with one of our premium partners for installation.

Our online bi-folding Door designer makes a great way to see what our top quality bi-fold doors will look like on installation in your home and give you a real feel for what you have chosen. We look forward to hearing from you…