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Lantern Roof

Lantern Conservatories


The Lantern is the ultimate in conservatory design and can be attached to your property or built as a stand alone outbuilding. The original conservatory style, often referred to as an Orangery, now brought up-to-date with modern window and conservatory roof technology.

Choosing a lantern style conservatory ensures drama and style representing the grandeur of times gone by. The 2-tiered effect adds a new dimension to your conservatory and the extra ceiling height adds to the feeling of light and space. Lanterns are typically suited to older style properties and are often chosen for swimming pool enclosures.


Conservatory installedWhen Dutch horticulturists invented conservatories in the 17th century to conserve (hence the name) plants through the winter, they would have been unaware of the many adaptations which were to follow. With the addition of a conservatory or classic orangery, the Georgian gentleman expressed his position in society. The level of grandeur, in both scale and ornament, was therefore carefully judged to present a particular image to the world.

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