Acoustic Rated Windows

Whiteline, our fabrication company became the first window manufacturer in the UK to achieve certification under the BM TRADA Q-Mark Acoustic Window scheme, allowing them to display BM TRADA’s Window Acoustic Rating label.

This certification demonstrates performance on a familiar A-G scale and displays decibel noise reductions (based on measurement of the weighted sound reduction (Rw)) achieved by the specific window specification. For every 5dB increment in the rating, noise is reduced by a factor of approximately one half. The three certificated acoustic rated windows can deliver ‘C’ rating on the label of 44dB and 41dB with an enhanced double glazed unit (DGU) specification, plus a ‘D’ rating of 36dB on our standard DGU specification.

41 dB CertificateThis rating scheme was introduced to give purchasers a clear and simple way to compare the acoustic performance of varying window specifications and make a better informed purchase decision accordingly. This also provides an opportunity for window retailers to offer higher specified products that can deliver tangible improvements in noise reduction.

Reducing airborne noise can be one of the many benefits of having replacement double glazing. Obviously, replacing the glazed elements of your home may not provide a single solution to noise reduction – depending on the source of the noise and type of your property, replacing your windows may only sort out one of the issues within your home. This won’t reduce noise transmitted through walls, floors or ceilings.

It is important to discuss your requirements and expectations of the windows with our PlatinumNRG installation partners, when making an enquiry about replacement windows.

It is also important to remember that many windows are designed to provide your property with the correct means of ventilation. For instance, trickle ventilators, if left open, will provide passage for sound to travel. Also an open window, even if left in the might lock position will not aid sound reduction.

PlatinumNRG offers an officially certified acoustic window, that will help reduce noise whether it is from road traffic, trains or planes.